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Washington D.C. – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) joined Fox & Friends this morning to discuss the 75th anniversary of D-Day and to honor the American heroes who stormed the beaches of Normandy.

Leader McCarthy is part of a bipartisan Congressional delegation in Normandy, France to commemorate the anniversary. He noted the heroism and bravery of the Allied soldiers, and that we should never forget the sacrifices they made.

Remarks are below or watch online here.

“It’s a very big day. It’s a moving day. There’s no one that could be at this location [and] not … be moved. To see the cross, the star of David- all out in white, the cliffs here…

“I will tell you a very special moment. Right before the program began, I walked into this tent and I found seven individuals who were here on D-Day… They were in their wheelchairs, and they were looking out into the ocean. And one turns to me and says, ‘I have not been back here in 75 years.’

“When the President talked about these individuals with three purple hearts, four purple hearts, broke their back- they were an hour on the beach that day. … It’s unbelievable what the men did for the world and to save us. And you look at how many gave the ultimate sacrifice.”

The World is Grateful for Their Sacrifice:

“When you listen to the survivors, coming in the Higgins boats, and only five people out of 70 who survive, and they’re there today. …

“But I will tell you, President Macron, he showed his gratitude to America. He was speaking in French but when he went to thank the veterans he spoke in English. He looked at them, said, ‘we owe you.’ It was very moving.”

On the Values of the Greatest Generation:

“These are really the values we should look at. Think about the 10,000 individuals that lay here. What would they ask us to do so that they didn’t sacrifice in vain? That we should actually work together to solve these problems.

“I was up on stage … actually getting the autograph of these men. And one looks at me and goes, ‘I see you on Fox a lot and I’m going to give you an autograph because I’m proud of you. But when you go back to Congress, I want you to tell both sides to solve our problems. We need to work together to make the world go forward, help the President.’ That’s what he told me.”

Fox News Op-Ed:

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