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On the Defend COVID Research from Hackers Act:

“The Chinese Communist Government lied to us, and they lied to the world. This is why the ingenuity of America is going to solve this. We have such promising vaccines and therapeutics people are going to write books about the investments that we made and how we’re going to do this earlier than anybody else.

“But now we have hackers from Russia, China, and others coming in trying to hack these companies, [and] that’s actually going to slow this process down.

“That’s why I introduced a new bill that actually puts sanctions on those individuals that try to hack it. Why wouldn’t they want to work with us to solve a problem they created?

“Here we are as America, the beauty of our nation as a whole, not only to solve this virus but to actually share it with the rest of the world [just] to have people trying to hack us? That is what is wrong…

On the Next COVID-19 Relief Package:

“I believe [the Payroll Tax Holiday] will stay in as one of the elements that we need to do. There is a large [list] of what we need — liability protection, we need people going back to work… we know a lot of people are unemployed, how do we continue to deal with that?

“We look at the question of not if, but how do we go back to school. We need to make sure it’s safe for the students and the teachers. And that’s what we’re looking at for funding in those areas as well.

“We [also] have a lot of positives sitting out there — we have money already appropriated, more than $100 billion for states. Can we change that and make it more flexible so that the states can use it for other items? Can we use more? We have about $100 billion left in the PPP program that was so successful.

“We’re watching other states having to shut down again. So can we assist in those small businesses as well? This is just part of the process, so there will be debate. It’s healthy debate with people having different ideas, and then make the very best ideas going into the bill that will become a law…

On Democrats Still Not Coming to Work:

“The first thing members of Congress should have to do is come to work. If you watched, we had a committee meeting last week where a Democrat was on a boat on the internet calling in his vote.

“If you’re a Democrat, you don’t [think you] have to come to Congress. You mail in your vote — it’s shadow voting — and you still get paid…

“I think any member that does not show up for work should take a pay cut. I don’t think you should be paid for not working, I don’t believe that’s the American way.”