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Washington, D.C. – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) joined CNBC’s “Squawk Box” to discuss the disarray in the Democrat House majority, impeachment, and developments in the Russia investigation.

Excerpts of Leader McCarthy’s interview can be found below, or you can watch the full video here.

Inside the President’s Budget and the Democrats’ Disarray 

“Well it’s like most presidential budgets. It lays out a framework of where the Administration wants to go. The House will now have to do their work. The concern I have is yesterday the news I heard was the Democrats may not even propose a budget on the House floor.  That would be the wrong approach to take.

“A new article that came out today is that if you’ve watched the Democrats, they’ve been in disarray since they’ve taken the majority. They’ve lost a number of votes on the floor. It seems like leadership is fighting with freshman, and last week was a really defining moment. The new Democrat Socialists, that’s what they call themselves, really took over the leadership. If you watched the resolution proposed against the language that Omar used, they had to water it down to even get it to the floor. Now the latest article is they don’t believe they could actually pass a budget on the floor and they didn’t want the public to actually see that — they thought that would be an embarrassment to leadership. So the latest conversations and talks in this article is that the Democrats are thinking about not even doing a budget.”

Speaker Pelosi is Correct on Impeachment

“Well what she said was correct. How can you impeach somebody [who hasn’t] broke any rules for impeachment? But what […] Nancy Pelosi has inside her conference is a number of people who wanted to impeach this President the day he won the election. You have Tom Steyer out there spending a great deal of money claiming that he has a list bigger than the NRA . He does town hall meetings inside Democrats’ districts to get them to make a commitment for impeachment. So I think what Speaker Pelosi was trying to do is tell her conference this is the wrong path to take — I believe it’s wrong to do — and to try to slow the train down because they have no basis for impeachment, but they just want to do it for a political reason.

“If you look at some of her members, like Congressman Nadler, Chairman of Judiciary, he’s been wanting to impeach this President from the day of the election. If you watch what he’s been doing, he’s been downplaying the Mueller investigation because what they are finding now is that there is no collusion. We’re coming up on the two year anniversary of Adam Schiff saying that he has proof — that he has conclusive proof — that he’s never produced, even before they had all the investigations.”

On the Mueller Report and No Collusion

“I have not seen the Mueller report but what I have heard all through the investigations in the House and the Senate — the hundreds of interviews they’ve gone through, the millions of dollars that have been spent —  and both sides, Republican and Democrat, say there is no collusion.

“[…] you have Tom Steyer doing town hall meetings — he did one in Congressman Cummings’ district,  he did one in Nadler’s district — all before you had the Cohen hearing. Now think about the Michael Cohen hearing. There were new questions that arose and the whole point of why you have a Mueller investigation — it was all premised on the idea that Cohen had gone to Prague, which he said he did not, but that’s when the Democrats paid the Russians for this whole dossier — which is not true — but that was the foundation of why they believed there was collusion. [It] also raised a lot of other questions. Even about that Cohen hearing, we now find that Adam Schiff’s own staff went to New York four times, and spent more than 10-14 hours with this witness — it’s kind of different than what Adam Schiff said before. 

“Now we’re finding that Adam Schiff met with the owner of Fusion GPS that gave you the dossier. [Schiff] didn’t tell people before in 2017 when the committee still had real concerns about Glenn Simpson, who owns Fusion GPS, had real concerns about what he said in his testimony. So there’s a lot of questions still out there. So I think what Nancy Pelosi was saying is there is no proof. Why are we still going down this path — there’s nothing coming to the floor that is substantial in legislation, they aren’t winning the small things they are bringing to the floor and it’s not the majority they thought they would have.”

On Breaking Up Big Tech

“Well I think there’s real concern, and if you watched in the last Congress when I was Majority Leader I brought almost every single CEO in to Congress because I do have real concerns. 90-95 percent of all searches on the Internet go through Google. If you go on the second page, you lose about 90 percent of the eyes. Inside when you start to type in what you’re searching for, that query that gives you about three to four options, if you put something negative in there, subliminally that will be the first place you go to. There were concerns that I had as a Republican in California — two weeks before our primary, if you put in the California Republican Party, it said our ideology was Nazism.

“If you watch what they did, and the concerns especially after the last election where many people were upset at the Google meeting because Hillary did not win, and you’ve heard the other options inside Google where they tried to direct or utilize it for turnout — for certain people to turn out — or what was popping up if you typed in the word ‘idiot’, how often you’d try to bring in somebody on the Republican side within there. There are real concerns about that.

“I don’t believe that it has to be broken up, I believe in competition and we want to make sure we have fair competition. But also, are these companies becoming a different form of company, are they a media company, are they a content company?  And those elements, really the law applies to them differently and those are the concerns we have. That’s why I think its very important they all come before Congress. But I believe you’re wrong bout Elizabeth Warren — she said she wanted to break them all up.”