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Washington, D.C. – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) joined CBS’s “Face the Nation” to discuss the Trump administration on Russia, the government shutdown, and ongoing border security negotiations.

Excerpts of Leader McCarthy’s interview can be found below, or you can watch the full video here.

On the Trump Administration on Russia:
“What I do know is what this administration and this Congress has done. We’ve been very tough on Russia. Look at the sanctions that we have taken with this administration – one on the election meddling that Russia has done, the movement of Russia inside Ukraine as well. I just listened to the President last night. He’s more than willing to have an open to what that discussion was about, he said on a news show last night. But I know what the President likes to do. He likes to create a personal relationship, build that relationship, even rebuild that relationship like he does with other world leaders.”

On Government Shutdown Negotiations:
“This President is focused on getting this government open. That’s why the President is here. That’s why I’m here in Washington…The President has made numerous offers about this shutdown, reasonable too, moving further to the Democratic side. And there has not been one offer coming back from the Democrats. It is unacceptable that 800,000 U.S. employees are not being paid. You know what we’re arguing over? One tenth of one percent of the federal budget. And it’s not as though we’re asking Democrats to do something they haven’t done before. They have voted for border wall and fencing.”