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Washington, D.C. — House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) joined “Fox and Friends” to discuss Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and what options the United States can take to become energy independent.

“The challenge that we have is that there are actions that we could have [undertaken] before [Russia’s invasion of Ukraine] to make sure [today’s war] wasn’t happening. We could have supplied the weapons to Ukraine. They are not asking for American troops. They are just asking for the ability to fight,” said McCarthy. “We could have been the individuals that could have deterred this from ever happening.”

Excerpts from Leader McCarthy’s interview can be found below, or you can watch the full interview here.

“Putin is an evil man and he’s reckless. He’s being pushed against the wall. His troops are not fighting the way he thought this was going to go, and at any given time, we should always be prepared to make sure that [nuclear war with Russia] never happens.”

“Republicans will put [a bill] on the floor, American Energy Independence Against Russia. What we’ll do is open up the pipeline, release those permits that this administration is holding to our [liquified natural gas] plants, open up the federal lands for exploration that [were] closed in this administration — [and] make it easier [for] America [to become] energy independent… Remember this for everyone who is concerned with the environment like myself, American natural gas is 42% cleaner than Russian natural gas. Why shouldn’t we be the individuals supplying it to the world?”