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“I was hoping [President Biden] was going to inspire Americans, not try to intimidate us. Instead of denouncing China he tried to discredit Operation Warp Speed…

“How is he able to provide [vaccines]? Operation Warp Speed. He also said when he got into office that they didn’t have the vaccine until he came in, even though he was already vaccinated.

“Let’s give credit where credit is due because it is the American ingenuity that came together… and made these vaccines…

“I say every American that wants the vaccine should be able to get it, but also every American should be able to go back to work, back-to-school, and back to health.

“The other thing that [Biden did is, he signed] a bill that’s going to cost every family of four $22,000. And the thing he’s not telling you is what’s in this bill.

  • “You are now going to provide bonuses up to $25,000 to government employees and bureaucrats and if you’re not part of the swamp, you get nothing.
  • “Your money is going to pay for illegal immigrants’ health care.
  • “Your money is also being sent to San Francisco where it will be spent giving alcohol and marijuana to the homeless.

“That is what that bill is doing, and two-thirds of the money for schools doesn’t even come forward until 2023. And there’s a trillion dollars still sitting there from the five bills we’ve already passed.

“This is a waste of money, less than 9 percent is going to COVID. This is a payoff to Pelosi’s political friends…

“Look what has happened in the short amount of time [Democrats have been in control]. Your gasoline price is up, and Biden has created a crisis on the border that he won’t admit to.

“100,000 illegal immigrants were encountered just last month. To put that into perspective. that is larger than Biden’s hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania…

“He tears the wall down at the border, but he put one around the Capitol.

“Last week, I sent him a letter to sit down and have a meeting on [the border crisis], he still has not answered.

“I’m going to the border on Monday. I’m taking 12 other members with me, so we can actually solve this problem.”