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On Biden’s Border Crisis:

“It was quite interesting to watch the [White House] press secretary yesterday. The Biden Administration walked back calling it a crisis as more people walked across the border.

“Two weeks ago I sent [President Biden] a letter asking to sit down with him to talk about ways to solve [the crisis].

“The President didn’t respond to the meeting nor did the administration respond. So I sent him another letter yesterday after going down to the border with 13 members.

“This is more than a crisis. This is a human tragedy…

“How many children don’t make it all the way through? How many are trafficked? Who knows what happens to those poor children? It breaks your heart.

“[And] they’re all being housed together, they’re not being tested for COVID, and then they’re being released into these cities without parents, [potentially] with COVID…”

On Proxy Voting and Democrats’ Hypocrisy:

“When can we stop proxy voting? When can we start meeting in committees again and actually doing work?

“You know, it is hard to give up control and power, and that is one thing COVID allowed these Democrats to do.

“Even [during the vote] for Speaker, Nancy Pelosi got the medical doctor to allow members of Congress who had [tested positive for] COVID to enter the chamber.

“It is convenient when they want it [to be], and they change the rules each and every time…”

On the Intelligence Committee:

“Just what you know in public about Eric Swalwell [is he met with] this Chinese spy as a city council member, [she raised] money for him to run for Congress, [put] interns into his office, [and then there’s] the close relationship that they had.

“He could not get a security clearance in a [private sector] company today, but Congress gave him security clearance for the Intelligence Committee.”