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“This is not a bill that would focus on what Republicans want, [which is] putting us back to work, back to school, back to health.

“This bill is too costly, too corrupt, and too liberal. Less the 9 percent of this bill goes to defeating the virus.

“We have $1 trillion still sitting out there already appropriated. Democrats last night just blocked for the third time $64 billion that is sitting there and hasn’t been used to go toward opening schools.

“The money in this bill won’t get to the schools until next year – 95% of it. It’s almost like they want to force schools to stay closed.

“And they reward the states that will stay closed. I watched that interview in California [with] that young business owner who was just crying about what Gavin Newsom has done to her. This bill would actually reward California and New York [for staying] closed over the states that opened up…

“The one thing we all know is that the science proves kids should be in school.

“I watched in my own community, [it just came back that there are] 14 percent more D’s and F’s.

“The [Pediatric Association] in Virginia shows a 90% [increase] in anxiety and depression in these children. It’s doing much more than keeping them back education-wise.

“I do not understand why we cannot open the schools. The science says it. And now you have President Joe Biden saying his goal is one day a week. [We] cannot allow this to continue.”

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