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“A number of things should be in [the next coronavirus] package, but we also have a lot of money — more than $1.5 trillion — still out there that we have already appropriated that we need to get into this economy.

“But the things I look for [are]… we need liability protection because these small businesses are wondering when they can open again, [as well as] our schools… So let’s protect those as we move forward.

“Let’s also look at anytime you’re using federal money, it shouldn’t disincentivize the ability to work. We made a mistake when we overpaid on unemployment insurance where now it’s hard for people to come back to work…

“And then I would look at the supply chain… bringing those jobs back to America, but also the supply chain itself. Not being beholden to China for so much of our critical minerals and others…

“We have more than $100 billion that we have already appropriated that can go to the states. I think we can look at ways that we can make that greater flexibility. And lots of times, we’re finding, when we sent these moneys to these governors, that they have held it up, instead of pushing it down to the counties and the cities.

“I would like to see more flexibility, where it goes to the counties and cities in the place of need. We would look at hospitals if they need more in the process of where we’re going forward.

“We also have more than $100 billion sitting there from such a successful program, PPP, for small businesses that saved millions of jobs. Now we’re seeing that some states have to close certain portions. Is there a greater need for small businesses? We already have money sitting there, so can we use some of the money already appropriated to solve some of these problems?

“Nobody wants to send someone to a school that’s unsafe, that’s why Congress should actually look at this. How can we protect when it comes to child care, the children in school, and the teachers.

“We can not have a whole generation that’s uneducated. So what we need to do is actually put that plan together, because we’ve got to make sure that schools actually can reopen, and that’s what we’re doing.”