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On the Border:

“Well, I’m excited that [Vice President Harris’] excuses have finally expired. I’m just wondering if she is going to Europe next week. We all know she wouldn’t be going down here if President Trump was not going next week.

“More than 100 Republican members of the House have already been there this year. I went down there more than three months ago, and what she [will] find is [that] fentanyl increased by more than 300 percent.

“I hope she spends time talking to the border agents, hearing their story, how they’re not even able to be there protecting the border because they’re inside protecting the children. But I’m sure they changed the dynamics there… that the facility’s probably not at capacity, [and] that they moved people out…

“If she reforms Title 42, it’s going to get worse. And remember, it was three months ago when I took that tour that I found out from talking to the border agents that we were catching people on the Terrorist Watch List.

“I don’t know how any individual could walk away seeing what you and I have seen at that border and think it’s not a crisis. Why did she wait so long? There’s been more than 500,000 people illegally crossing that border while she waited for the last 90 days. Why does it take so long for her to take action when she’s in charge?

“Is this indicative of this administration? They created this crisis. Remember, Maria. There’s no legislation that passed. These are just executive orders that welcome people into this country illegally, during COVID.”

On Infrastructure:

“Well, I don’t know what happened in that meeting… but what we heard afterwards is that the President said he agreed to a bipartisan deal then walked it back and said you had to add $5 trillion more dollars, raise taxes, [and] put in the Green New Deal to have the trillion dollar deal on infrastructure.

“That is no deal. Pelosi and Schumer said the same thing. They are not serious about being bipartisan… This is not a deal that anybody can agree to.

“He backtracked on what he said. He wasn’t trustworthy, he wasn’t honest.

“And the approach that he wanted to take to simply walk it back and say you have to pass $5 trillion more dollars, raise taxes on all Americans when we’ve got inflation, open borders, and crime rising in every city… would put us in an economic downturn.”

On Holding China Accountable:

“I don’t want to just see America [hold China accountable], I want to see the entire world hold China accountable for what they just did. Remember, killing more than three million people. Six hundred thousand Americans were killed because of COVID and [China] lied about it.

“So first and foremost, I want America to declassify their information so the entire world can see it. Stop any gain of function funding into what China was doing there. Let’s look at the NIH to make sure they’re not providing any grants to North Korea, Iran, China, or Russia.

“You know the other thing that we should do? We should look at our visas… And we should change the sovereign immunity. People should be able to hold them accountable personally and sue them.

“And why would the world go back to China for the Winter Olympics and celebrate them after what they have just done?

“Also, the World Health Organization needs to be reformed. One of the first things that Joe Biden did was provide them more than $200 million from hardworking taxpayers from America, never asking for any change…

“We should hold [China] accountable, but we should [encourage] the rest of the world to [also] do this.”