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On Amy Coney Barrett:

“I think it’s a fabulous pick, and it’s not just Republicans who know this is a good pick… even Democrats who may disagree with her on her philosophical beliefs…

“Noah Feldman, the key Democrat witness that [Chairman] Nadler brought in for impeachment has even written in Bloomberg that she is so highly qualified and deserves to serve on the court.

“And that’s really the only question… will she uphold the Constitution will she understand the Constitution? Republicans and Democrats alike know that is true, and what the Democrats are doing to try to frame her on her faith, they are just frightened about her brilliant mind.

“There’s something much different about this as well. Just as Ruth Bader Ginsburg shattered those ceilings and inspired young women, [Amy Coney Barrett] is doing the same. I watched my own daughter yesterday watching her… [and she] just thought in her mind, she could do anything. That is inspiring as a nation for all of us.”

On the Commitment to America:

“You should have a right to know what would we do if we were to win this election. We want to restore our way of life, defeat this virus, and more importantly… build a safe and effective vaccine…

“But what about our streets that we’ve watched in these Democrat cities? We want to make sure they are safe and secure, so we won’t cut police funding, we [would] actually increase it by $1.75 billion for better training, community policing, and 500,000 new body cameras.

“But we also have a plan for the economy, to have 10 million new jobs. This is the difference to what the Democrats are doing about defunding and dismantling…

“They are for impeachment. They [are] continually obsessed by this because their ideas and this majority of the Democrats is obsolete.”