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In a recent interview with Dave Rubin, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) discussed:

  • His political philosophy and the exceptionalism of America,
  • California politics,
  • The role Big Tech is playing in our lives, and   
  • The damage Democrats are doing to our nation. 

“Reagan was the first president I could vote for. It was in his second term. When I was in elementary school, junior high, I watched Jimmy Carter go on TV, put a sweater on, told me to turn the heater down and told me the best days of America were behind us. He accepted mediocrity and I watched this other guy go to a podium and says, ‘’no pastels, fly the bold colors and go to that shiny city on the hill.’ I knew what he meant, right, that America is exceptional…

“The greatest challenge ever to our Constitution was the Civil War…If you sat back at what’s happening and you ask these two people to give us advice today, Lincoln would say ‘Believe in the exceptionalism of America.’ This is what makes me mad coming off of the Fourth of July. Why wouldn’t we celebrate the progress? We are not perfect but…we strive for a more perfect union….

“Now Reagan…this is something for you, something for every conservative, he’d even say it to liberals: If you believe in your philosophy, if you truly believe your philosophy and principles bring people more freedom – don’t be angry, be happy.”

“I truly believe that in California, people  would want a check and balance, that the legislature is so far – it’s not Democratic, it’s socialist. This wing has gone so far, that they would want a check and balance that if they got out of control they have somebody [as] governor who would veto the bill. I think a Republican could win governor each and every time in California…

“Target closes their stores in San Francisco, Neiman Marcus, they just went in – and why? These are the Democratic policies that have now been implemented because they won the majorities, now we’re seeing the outcome. That is why the pendulum will swing…”

“The two greatest threats to America are China and the debt….China spends the time just studying America…stealing from us. They have a plan for 2049 – one world power. We watch what President Xi has said, you’ve watched what they have done with their military, you’ve watched what they have done with their islands, you’ve watched what they have done with Hong Kong, you’ve watched what they are saying about Taiwan. We should be focused. It shouldn’t be a Republican plan or a Democrat [plan], it should be one American plan. So if the next century is going to be [the] American century, let’s work on it together…

“What America should do is actually lead. We come from strength. We should declassify the information [because] the entire world should know, why did three million in the world die?…The next thing I would do is end any gain of function research…Then why don’t we do this, why don’t we start looking at who we’re providing our visas to?…So the other thing we should look at, after 9/11, we changed the sovereign laws…why wouldn’t we do that to allow the 600,000 who have died, their family, to sue China to be able to get accountability? Do you know where the next Winter Olympics is going to be held?…Why would the world reward China? Why wouldn’t we move the Olympics?

“Why after COVID goes through, kills more than three million people, why does China get stronger and the rest of the world have to be weaker? Why wouldn’t we unite? Why wouldn’t this be the opening? Why wouldn’t this be the wake up call?”

“If you take your kid’s phone away, it is the worst  thing that could happen to them. It is almost a drug to us now, but it controls so much of what we can see, what we can know and what we can hear. And if [Big Tech companies] disagree with you, they can take you off. If they do not like the competition, they can take you away. That’s the problem…

“The first approach we should take is, everybody should  realize that if something’s on the internet that’s free – you’re the product. Okay, so, if you’re the product, we should think of ourselves as private property, right. So, if I am the product and we’re private property, what goes on your site, if you’re monetizing it, I get a piece of it and I get to know what you are doing with my information right…If I want to get off your site, I get my data back. If I want to move my data, I can move my data. I think that is a fairness that everybody starts with…

“The other thing that has to happen here though is we have to make sure there is a level  playing field where there is competition. And I don’t think big government creating utilities – is there competition for PG&E? No. They just raise our rates and give us brownouts and we pay 40% higher than anybody else. I want somebody to come in and disrupt.”

“The next election is going to be big, right? Because all these things about defunding the police…all these Democrat policies that are now going in place, we’re seeing the outcome – the wokeism, the open border, the inflation. Where we’re going to have the biggest victory – school boards. We haven’t been paying attention for the last twenty years. Critical race theory goes against everything [Martin Luther King Jr.] has ever told us. Don’t judge us by the color of our skin – and now they’re embracing it right? They’re going backwards…

“I believe it is going to be an interesting time because here the Democrats are going to be sitting back, they realize they’re in trouble, they’ve been in office for a little while, do they want to go have to meet new constituents and explain to them why they defend the message of Maxine Waters? Or why they aren’t standing up to protect our borders? Or what are they doing economically, but creating inflation? Why are they paying people more money to stay home instead of go back to work? Why are they making our military woke? I think that silent majority is going to wake up and I think there’s going to be a pretty big swing.”