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Kiev, Ukraine – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following statement after wrapping up meetings with Ukrainian leaders, including President Petro Poroshenko, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, and Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko in which Leader McCarthy and a Congressional Delegation expressed the continued support of the United States of America for the people of Ukraine:

“Recently, a strong bipartisan majority passed H.Res.162, which expressed the Congress’ support for Ukraine and encouraged greater efforts to provide assistance to Ukraine’s military. Having visited Ukraine and spoken to Ukraine’s leaders, I am even more convinced that the United States, our European allies, and the entire free world have a profound interest in standing with the Ukrainian people in their time of need. This conflict is not merely a Russian assault on Ukraine’s freedom and democracy, but an assault on fundamental principles of international law that threatens peace and security in Europe and the international order. 

“On behalf of the United States Congress, I was honored by the opportunity to express solidarity with the Ukrainian people and their efforts to defend their independence, territorial integrity, and democracy. The Ukrainian people’s resilience in the face of tremendous economic challenges as well as continuing Russian aggression is truly inspiring.

“The commitment of Ukraine’s leaders to implementing far-reaching economic and political reforms is encouraging. These reforms will be difficult, but the United States and international community can and should do more to support Ukraine’s efforts to stabilize its economy, build democratic institutions, and defend its territory from on-going Russian aggression. I believe this international support should include the provision of defensive weapons, training, and intelligence to the Ukrainian military.

“Russia’s continuing war against Ukraine and its people is horrifying in its disregard for human life and international norms.  It is clear that any effort to support Ukraine must also be accompanied by a strategy to confront Vladimir Putin’s regime in Moscow and its systematic violations of the Minsk agreements, its aggression and destabilizing activities abroad, and its repression at home. There must be consequences for the growing threat Vladimir Putin’s behavior poses to international peace and security.”

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