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Washington, DC – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following statement after he and a bipartisan congressional delegation met with Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk in the Capitol:

“Earlier this year, I led a bipartisan group of Members to Ukraine to meet with government leaders and discuss Russia’s threat to Ukraine’s freedom and independence. Unfortunately, since our visit, the situation has not improved as Putin continues his aggression in violation of the Minsk II agreement. America’s support for a free Ukraine is unwavering, but more can and should be done to expand the capabilities of Ukrainian forces and weaken Putin’s influence over the region. While G7 leaders are committed to extending current sanctions, the Kremlin’s behavior towards the people of Ukraine, and even their own people, warrants more severe economic consequences.

“But America can help the people of Ukraine most by providing them with the means to defend themselves against a highly trained and resourced aggressor. This Administration can and should do more—as some of the President’s own advisors have called for. Fortunately, leaders like Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk are proving to be formidable forces against Putin as he looks to divide the leadership of Ukraine. In Congress, we will continue to offer our full support for Ukraine and its people and work with our friends like Prime Minister Yatsenyuk to support the restoration of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

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