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On Crime:

“Crime is rising at every step of the way.

“[We have] a border that’s not controlled, and a Vice President who will not go down there… fentanyl has increased by 300%… 

“You know what that affects? Every single city in America. People will die because of that.

“I asked [President Biden] about the border as Vice President Harris was sitting next to him. You know what he told me? That he inherited a crisis at the border, and that he’s corrected it.

“This is the worst the border has ever been…

“This is more than just a humanitarian crisis. We are capturing people who are on the terrorist watch list… Why are they coming here, who are they meeting with, and what do they have planned?”

On Costs:

“If you’re sitting here drinking coffee today you’re paying more. If you’re eating the cereal, the milk costs more.

“If you get in your car and drive to work your gas costs more.

“[We’re experiencing] inflation [unlike] any time before.

“I’m not for raising taxes. I know many of the Democrats believe infrastructure is a way to raise taxes on everybody. I want an infrastructure bill that actually goes to roads, highways, bridges and broadband.

“Remember the Democrats’ COVID [relief] bill only [designated] 9 percent [toward COVID itself]. Their rescue plan has now harmed America. We paid people not to work, and now we have a crisis across this country.”

On Competitiveness:

“And now, we have a President that stopped America from being energy independent [by canceling] the [Keystone] XL Pipeline, but rewarded Putin with Nord Stream 2 to give [Russia] greater control over Europe.

“I don’t know about you but I do not want to join the EU. I want America to be first; I want America to be energy independent.

“I want America to be strong… My concern is that Biden is making our adversaries stronger… [President Biden] complained about Republicans, but he complemented Putin. I think he kind of has this backwards.

“Russia is stronger today under the Biden administration than he was under the past administration.

“China is stronger today. When President Trump’s administration wanted to find out whether COVID started in the Wuhan labs, we were criticized and kicked off Facebook.

“Only now do we want to start looking at it. But how hard [do Democrats want to look]?

“Have they had one hearing in the House of Representatives? No. They deny us the ability to do that.

“Shouldn’t we get to the bottom of more than 600,000 Americans’ deaths? Are we going to trust China with more lives…?

“I’m going to lay out a plan to hold China accountable next week… for what they have done and the deaths that they have caused around the world. That will be an answer to stop them.”