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Washington, D.C. – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following statement on President Trump’s law enforcement executive order to strengthen community-law enforcement relationships and restore public trust:

“A free and open society calls for its citizens to be treated equally under the law and for law enforcement officers to have access to the resources they need to keep Americans safe. Today marks an important step towards those goals.

“To create the consequential change needed in our country we must focus on three main aspects: transparency to build community trust, enhancing performance by pushing for training that will help our officers carry out their duties, and lastly, we need to ensure cops who fail to uphold their oath are held accountable. These priorities are shared by President Trump and Congressional Republicans’ forthcoming legislative proposals.

“Today’s executive order released by the administration strives to fulfill these shared goals. Its overall vision is nested in strengthening community-law enforcement relationships and restoring public trust. It will help accomplish this by setting a standard for credentialing across law enforcement agencies, mandating more robust information sharing, prioritizing specially designed training to help officers better serve their communities, and incentivizes police departments to retain and recruit high-performing officers.

“I commend President Trump’s leadership during this critical time, as he is taking action to help our cops serve their communities better. These are meaningful solutions, as opposed to Democrat efforts to defund the police and encourage anarchy. We look forward to seeing the legislative proposals Attorney General Barr will be sending to Congress and working with him and his team going forward to help our communities. Americans are crying out for change, it is our job to listen and strive for a more perfect union. This marks the first step in taking that necessary action.”