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Washington, D.C. – This morning, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke on four major morning shows to discuss the House’s work to keep America safe and grow our economy: 


FOX America’s Newsroom

On the need to reform the visa waiver program:

“Right now, the visa waiver program deals with 38 countries, many of them within Europe. But there are a lot of gaps and vulnerabilities. We currently have about 5,000—those who have passports in Europe in this program—that have travelled to Iraq or Syria. So the gaps in there are, one, does every country have a passport that has biometrics? Are they reporting any lost or stolen passports to Interpol because these people are not being interviewed when they are able to come to America and stay here 90 days. And anybody who has travelled to Iraq or Syria in the last five years should not be able to just do [it] online and come to America.

On the President’s decision to adopt the House’s visa waiver policies:

We applaud the White House for changing their opinion and being with us this time. You know, we dealt with the refugees and they opposed it. But we had two-thirds of congress vote for this—a very bipartisan vote—to put those protections in the gap of the refugee process as well just a couple weeks ago.”

On the President’s failed foreign policy:

“Look at what [the President] said back when [ISIS] was JV team or a restart with Russia or Yemen was an example on his foreign policyall those are failed policies. He had a joint chief say yesterday in committee that we have not contained ISIS. You had [Defense Secretary Ashton] Carter say he has to send ground troops or at least 50 intel ones into Iraq. We need a strategy to defeat ISIS, not something to contain, something to defeat it. This is something the house has been moving quite some time to the President as well.”


MSNBC Morning Joe

On the House getting things done:

“Look what’s happening just this week: a highway bill—a five-year bill—something you haven’t seen in quite some time. But the thing you want to look at as well is the process. Joe will appreciate this. This bill not only passed the House and Senate, but it went to conference for both partiesboth sides worked together bringing that bill back not for a small extension but for a five-year plan for the infrastructure of America. Then you have the [Elementary and Secondary Education Act] coming forward out of the conference. You’ve got our budget bill, the omni, coming up probably next week. You saw bipartisan work on the refugee program. And then you’re going to see coming out later this week dealing with the gaps and the vulnerabilities in our visa waiver program and that will be bipartisan as well.”

On growing our economy while lowering emissions:

“What we actually blocked was a regulatory cap-and-trade that was done by regulation, not by working with the congress or the Senate. And remember, the Democrats tried that before and it was rejected…. [The] EPA did a study on C02 emissions from 2005 to 2013. And do you know America decreased theirs by 9 percent? That was the largest in the world. And between 2005 and 2013, we had a fundamental growth when it came to natural gas, crude, and others. So what we have proven is you can protect the environment but also grow the economy at the same time.


CNN New Day

On the need for a real strategy to defeat ISIS:

“I trust in our military leaders. I looked at the chairman of joint chiefs just yesterday in the hearing. He says we have not contained ISIS. We’ve got a lot further to go. I want to see a plan that doesn’t contain them, but defeats them. I think that’s what you’ve seen come out of the House in the bills that we’ve had here—sending to the president, we want to see a strategy that actually defeats ISIS. And this is a start.”

On the House’s plan to vote on visa waiver reform:

“I chair a task force of the chairmen on counterterrorism and homeland security. We dealt with that refugees bill just a couple weeks ago. That was bipartisan. And now we’re looking at the visa waiver program—those gaps and vulnerabilities in that. You’re going see a bill roll out later this week and pass next week as well to make sure our homeland is safe.”


Fox Business News

On how we should handle the refugee crisis:

“Remember, we are the largest humanitarian country in the world and we want to continue to be that. But when you look at what is going on in Iraq, in Syria, all we did is add the FBI to the verification before somebody comes…. [If] someone is coming from Syria, and you can’t get the data or intelligence from them, why would you bring them in? Then you can go to the whole argument: Is that really best thing to do with refugees? Why wouldn’t you create a safe zone, so they can stay with their family, stay within region, so when that country comes back together, they can be there? That’s a better use of money.”