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Washington, D.C. – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) joined Fox News’ “Hannity” to react to President Trump’s address to the nation.

Excerpts of Leader McCarthy’s interview can be found below, or you can watch the full video here.

“I thought he was very strong, very confident and talked just about the facts. I have watched this president, from the moment there could be a possibility of a partial shutdown, try to find a solution. Be here in Washington. Call the individuals up. And when we met last week, Wednesday before that leadership race, we could tell Nancy Pelosi could do nothing until the Speaker race happened. Remember how close that was. Those individuals had to vote ‘present’ for her to win Speaker. But this president has stayed with this and for all the viewers, they have to understand what he is asking, so you really know who is shutting this down. He is just asking for 10% of what our government gave away to foreign governments last year. The $56 billion they gave away, he just wants $5.6 billion to secure our border.”

“Democrats do not want to listen to really what’s happening. The amount of drugs, the president laid it out. The amount of people who are dying. More than in the Vietnam War. We have a crisis on our border. He is standing up for it. And I will tell you this: our Conference stands with him and we have resolve to see this through just with what was promised to the American public back in 2006 where Schumer voted for it.”

“I’m thankful the president is calling us back again. Because this president wants to find common ground. Watch what he has said. He has moved from a concrete barrier to make sure that they had slats. He has talked about other elements that the Democrats talked about. In those meetings, every Democrat will say they are for border security. So then I ask the question, ‘Well what’s your definition of border security?’ Who, in America today, believes you can have border security with not some form of a barrier? We have watched what happened in San Diego. El Paso has become one of the safest cities because they have a barrier. We watched in Yuma, Arizona. What’s happened is those illegal crossings have dropped more than 90%. We know it works. We know we need it. We know we have to use technology as well. This is where the president has stood strong. He is standing strong for the American public. But, more importantly, he is the one person in the room that’s trying to find compromise where the Democrats will not move at all.”