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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following statement on the announcement by Representative Sam Johnson (TX-03) to retire at the end of the 115th Congress:

“Over the years in this body, hundreds of members come and go. Many good and honorable men and women have served our country in the House. But few will ever rival Sam Johnson. As an Air Force pilot, he flew missions in Korea and Vietnam. As a prisoner of war, he spent seven years enduring brutality and deprivation in Vietnam. What he experienced would have broken and bred bitterness in other men. But as long as I’ve had the honor to know him, Sam has been strong and joyful. His courage, and most of all his patriotism, never left him. And here in Congress, he has always taken the time to counsel, mentor, and share his wisdom, especially with new members like myself almost ten years ago.  

“He has represented his constituents with principle, strength, and purpose. When Sam heads to a much-deserved retirement, he will leave behind a rich and honored legacy in Congress as a proud advocate for all veterans, a staunch leader for conservative principles, and a defender of the American taxpayer through his tenured service on the Ways and Means Committee. This House will not only lose an irreplaceable public servant, but a national hero. Judy and I wish Sam every blessing and will never be able to thank our close friend enough for his service to our country.”