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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke today at a House Republican leadership press conference about the necessity for the Senate to pass the USA Freedom Act.

McCarthy’s full remarks are below, or watch them online here.

“This week on the floor, we will start today with the rule, following through on our appropriation process. And as a note, this is the earliest we’ve ever started the appropriation process since 1974 when it began—this process.

“We will have CJS—Commerce, Justice, and Science—but the one part I want to talk about today is [the] USA Freedom Act.

 Before we departed for our district work period, you know, in the House we found common ground—338 members in the House voted for it to protect all of America and at the same time protect our civil liberties.

 “We know inside the Senate, they’ll be bringing up this bill today. My advice is to take this bill and pass it and send it to the President to keep America safe.”