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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke at the White House today during a roundtable discussion on California’s dangerous sanctuary policies.

Remarks are below, or watch online here.

“First of all, I want to thank all of you. I think most people around the country do not realize how your hands are tied behind your back. The only thing you want to do is have safe streets, safe neighborhoods, and protect your communities.

“One of the greatest strengths of this nation, and we’re fortunate to be in this room–is the rule of law. They are breaking down society by breaking down the rule of law. It’s unacceptable that if you have a known criminal that you can’t communicate with ICE.

“We know how bad this, but from one aspect we should be excited–we have a new President that understands this problem. Since he has taken office we have lowered the illegal crossings across this border. That stops gang members from coming across. He has started building the wall with $1.6 billion. And you know where that wall started to be built– in California. He has pushed a number of bills through, one to try to stop sanctuary cities and to reward those who uphold the Constitution. Second, to stop MS-13 gang members. You know what’s interesting after we moved that bill? The Governor of New York, Mr. Cuomo who thought [MS-13] wasn’t a problem–I saw him sign similar [legislation] the other day because he watched what was happening as well.

“So collectively it was city councils and sheriffs and you listened to your community–you saw the problem that was going on. Things are improving and that’s why I’m so thankful for this President to call us together because collectively we’ll be stronger…. We’re in this together and we’re in it for the Constitution. We’re in it for the security and the safety of our streets and I thank you for leading the way.”