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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box this morning to discuss how Republicans are restructuring Washington through regulatory reform, health care reform, and the rest of our 200-day agenda.

Full remarks are below or watch online here.

On the House Agenda and Regulatory Reform:

“What we’re looking at is regulatory reform, health care, tax reform, in that order. We have the Congressional Review Act that allows us to look back the last 60 legislative days… and going forward we can pass those bills in the House but they can pass in the Senate with just 51 [votes]…. So you’ll see our first bill moving today, the Stream Buffer Rule, that affects the coal industry throughout America. So we’re taking a look at that,… and we have five other regulations going through this week.”

On How to Reform Washington:

“You have to restructure Washington…. Think about what the last Administration did. For the last five years they implemented on average 83 major rulings, each one of them costing more than $100 million to business. They added more than 12 King James Bibles to the Federal Registry in regulations. Then think about tax reform. No matter what you do there it’s difficult, but we’ve got to get the economy growing if we want to solve any of our problems.”

On a Better Way for Health Care:

“It’s what the American people need and desire. Truthfully and frankly, health care is collapsing. Obamacare created 23 co-ops, provided $2 billion, 18 of them have already collapsed. You see premiums continue to rise. You have more than 3,000 counties in America, but one-third of them only have one option. So you have to relieve them of that. That’s why you have to go after health care first. And in doing so with health care, it changes the baseline for tax reform, allows you to have a broader tax reform overall, which helps all of America.”

On the Supreme Court:

“He [President Trump] has taken the role of President of picking the Supreme Court very seriously. He laid out to the American public very early a list of those that he would look to…. Neil Gorsuch is an amazing individual…. having just gone through a nomination back in 2006 that was unanimous, where Schumer actually supported him.”

On How Real Change Starts with Listening:

“You know what, I’d rather save the country than worry about whether I win more elections in the future. It’s too important. I think if there’s anything this election should have taught everyone, they read into the polls totally wrong. One thing President Trump did, he listened to voices that nobody else in Washington was listening to. People ought to put the politics aside and start listening to people. And I think doing so will transform this country. And really, when you look at the agenda, that’s what the country was asking for.”