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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke on the House floor today on the bipartisan consensus against the Iran deal and the possibility of getting a better deal.

Excerpts of his remarks are below, or watch online here.

“[An] interesting thing is happening on this floor as I sit around and listen. I’m hearing Republicans and Democrats on the same side. Those that are opposed to it are bipartisan. Those that support this all come from one place. 

“You know, when I came to Congress, the one thing you’re always told is find a committee and stick with that committee because what happens is you get expertise… So you know what? I’ve listened to those who sit on those committees and I look to the Chairmen and the Ranking Member on the Democratic side. You know what I’ve heard from both of them? They’re in the same position. They’re opposed to this agreement. They took their years of expertise, they read through it, they did the hearings, and they came to the same conclusion.”

“The American public always asks us for bipartisanship.  This has brought us together. But it’s not just in this House, it’s almost in the majority of houses across America. You see, in the latest poll only 21 percent of the American people actually approve of the deal—49 percent opposed—more than 2:1. Only 2 percent of Americans are confident that Iran will abide by the agreement. Why? Because they never have before. Iran has a history of not living up to their promises.” 

“While we had sanctions on Iran—the only reason they wanted to come to the table—what did they do with their money, even though it was scarce? They didn’t have much. It funded terrorism around the world. Well what does this deal do? It gives them as much or maybe even more than the bailout that Greece got. So what will Iran become? They will become the Central Bank of Terror in the world. That’s what we’re voting on today.”

“Peace without freedom is meaningless. This deal does not bring greater freedom to the world. It brings a nuclear missile race. This is not just about America, Iran, or a few other countries. No country in the Middle East will sit back after this action. The world will not be safer. We will not be freer. But there’s still an opportunity. History has shown if we’re willing to stand up, take a step back, and get a better agreement, we can have peace.”

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