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House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy released the following statement honoring the life and sacrifice of Officer Brian Sicknick:

“Today Congress joins together in anguish and appreciation to honor the incredible life and service of Officer Brian Sicknick. When a violent mob desecrated the Capitol, Officer Sicknick met it with bravery, devotion, and unmatched courage. His heroism not only helped save the lives inside the Capitol, it valiantly protected every American’s way of life. 

“The Capitol Building is the ultimate beacon of representative government, and Officer Sicknick and the other officers who protect it prove daily that government of, by, and for the people is worthy of their valor and dedication.

“As we grieve with his family, Congress and the entire nation owe Officer Sicknick a tremendous debt of gratitude. It is a privilege to pay tribute to him here in Congress as he lay in honor, a ceremony reserved for our nation’s most distinguished citizens.

“Whether they serve in the Capitol or our communities, our police officers are heroes, and they deserve our unwavering gratitude and respect.”