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House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following statement regarding President Biden’s weak foreign policy toward Russia after his summit yesterday with Russian President Vladimir Putin:

“The American people suffered massive disruptions because of Russia-linked cyber-attacks. Two Americans, both Marine veterans, are being held as prisoners in Russia. We know Vladimir Putin silences and imprisons his critics.

“Knowing these facts, President Biden should have used today’s summit to stand up for our national interests and send a message to the world that the United States will hold Russia accountable for its long list of transgressions. Unfortunately, President Biden gave Vladimir Putin a pass.

“Instead Biden offered a weak, ineffective response to recent attacks by Russia against the American people. The United States received only empty commitments from Putin, but Putin won concrete concessions from Biden. Nord Stream II will still be built, while the American Keystone Pipeline remains cancelled; Trevor Reed and Paul Whelan will remain in prison unjustly; and Russian cybercriminals will continue to target American companies with impunity.

“Yesterday’s summit demonstrates that empty rhetoric is no substitute for concrete wins. We need real leadership on the world stage that will put the American people first again.”