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Washington, D.C. – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following statement regarding the January 6th Task Force:

“I am concerned about the partisan appointment of General Honore.

“I met with General Honore on Wednesday at his request. Our meeting, which took place after his team had completed their report and after I read about their findings in the media, was far too late in the process. I asked him about prior statements, including his inflammatory accusation that Capitol Police officers themselves were complicit in the attack. He reiterated that those statements were made prior to his appointment. General Honore’s publicly expressed statements and biases raise a serious question about why Speaker Pelosi would choose him in the first place.

“What I communicated to the Task Force is that the main problem with Capitol Police is its management structure. Structure dictates behavior, and a Capitol Police Board dominated by political appointees is no way to maintain the security of the Capitol.

“While there may be some worthy recommendations forthcoming, General Honore’s notorious partisan bias calls into question the rationality of appointing him to lead this important security review. It also raises the unacceptable possibility that the Speaker desired a certain result: turning the Capitol into a fortress.”