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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following statement on the President’s Oval Office address:

“In the President’s address tonight, he announced no departure from our current strategy against ISIS and no recognition that this strategy is not working. The President is right on one thing: Terrorism has entered a new phase. But without a comprehensive and robust strategy, we cannot defeat ISIS abroad and the threat of terrorism will only increase at home.  

“The tinkering President Obama has made to our military tactics since the attacks on Paris coupled with the President’s obstinate decision to stick with the current underwhelming strategy will not yield victory. In fact, ISIS’s resilience and success in the face of opposition fuels their ability to recruit, radicalize, and expand. The President cannot downplay this problem. Now, ISIS’s terror has stretched farther than ever before.

“As the President said, there is no evidence that ISIS directed the attack in San Bernardino. But that is a testament to how the threat has changed. ISIS does not need or even want to control its agents. It wants to inspire people to do evil. Failing to defeat them—and continuing with a strategy that fails to defeat them—virtually ensures that more will be motivated to murder in the name of radical Islam.”