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Bakersfield, CA – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy released the following statement regarding the retirement of Chairman John Kline (MN-2):

“Chairman John Kline has selflessly spent his life in the service of our nation. Whether as a Member of Congress representing the people of Minnesota’s 2nd District for fifteen years, or as a distinguished officer in the United States Marine Corps, John has set himself apart from his peers. His character is defined by the courage shown in combat during Vietnam, and the trust two Presidents placed in him as a senior military aide who carried ‘the football’ and as a Marine One pilot. As a Member of Congress, he has been one of the strongest advocates for our men and women in uniform. And as Chairman of the Education and the Workforce Committee, he has put his experiences to work in his relentless effort to improve the classroom experience for students so that it is defined by parents and teachers to chart a path greater than the one we are on today. Because of John’s leadership, the House passed an ambitious reform of K-12 education system.

“Over the course of his life, John has earned many titles – ‘Colonel’, ‘Congressman’, ‘Chairman’. The title I prefer when talking about John is ‘friend.’ While his leadership in the People’s House will be sorely missed, his retirement is well-earned. I thank the Chairman for his service and I wish him, his wife Vicky, his children and grandchildren all the best.”