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Washington, D.C. – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) joined CNBC’s “Squawk Box” to discuss border negotiations, the Green New Deal and Democrats’ embrace of socialism.

Excerpts of Leader McCarthy’s interview can be found below, or you can watch the full video here.

 On the Tentative Border Agreement:

“Well, the deal is in principle. You’ve got to remember where Nancy Pelosi was; she said no money for a wall – that’s not the case. The Democrats have now agreed to more than 55 miles of new barrier [to be] built. And also, Democrats changed course when they said there will be no detention beds, [in which] they were actually going to [release] criminals out into the country – that they have backed away on. So now we’re able to have those detention beds again. Now, it’s not as high a number as we would have liked, but the president still has a few more tools in his tool box. The real critical point here is looking at the details – making sure that barrier is going to be built, that there’s nothing keeping the ability to build that and I think that’s what the president will be looking at and personally that’s what I’ll be looking at as well.”

On the Green New Deal:

“Well, everybody’s guaranteed a paycheck now. You don’t have to work anymore, you just get a pay check.

“You can look to California. California has these mandates in, so our energy costs are 40% higher. But there’s more than a million Californians that hit that poverty level when they talk about energy because they’re paying more than 10 percent of their entire income for energy costs. That is what people need to understand when they talk about this new green deal. It takes away the economy, it takes away 10 million more jobs. I’m one who believes in and wants to have a very clean environment, but I also want to have a very strong economy and I think we can have both of those at the same time.

“I think these Democrats who are running for president are just trying to follow one congresswoman who got here with less than 17,000 votes in a primary and now has a lot of Twitter followers and doesn’t even produce a bill but produces some resolution on paper that they’re going to agree without even knowing the details? I think that’s going to hurt them come next November.

“[…]What I’d rather have is a real discussion on legislation and make America stronger, make our economy stronger and at the same time make our environment safer.”

On Democrats’ Embrace of Socialism:

“You know what’s happening in the Democratic Party – it’s kind of unique. They’re no longer calling themselves Democrats – they call themselves Democratic Socialists. And that is weaving into almost every radical policy they have coming forward. If you watch this new freshman class, it’s more of a socialist class than anything else. They even talk about what’s happening in Venezuela as not [due to] socialist policy, [but] actually the sanctions America put on Venezuela. And here we are trying to defend freedom, trying to give people more opportunity, building an economy even stronger than what Venezuela was at one time before they put those socialist policies in. That’s what the debate is in America, and come next November, it’s going to be a debate about socialism or the free market.”