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House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) appeared on Fox Business and Fox News today to discuss the latest on immigration reform, how Congress is working to combat the opioid crisis, and censorship of conservatives on social media.

Fox Business

On the latest proposals to fix loopholes in our immigration laws:

“This is not amnesty, this is dealing with the DACA issue by keeping with the rule of law and not giving a special path for them. Most importantly, it is building the wall and protecting the border. No longer will we have catch and release, we stopped that. Another interesting thing is we tie and make sure full funding is there for the wall… We make sure the accountability and border security are there so we do not have this problem in the future.”

On how tax reform is helping our economy thrive:

“In the last 49 years, unemployment in America has only been below 4% for seven months. Two of those seven months were April and May of this year. This is one of the best economies we have ever witnessed.”

On the alarming trend of conservatives being censored online:

“I want to see the bias stop, especially going after conservatives. Look at what happened on Google right before the primary election in California. The party of Lincoln, the party of Reagan, that is not what it said–it said Nazism. Look at what is happening on Amazon. Amazon Smile allows to you make a donation to a nonprofit and you used to be able to give money to the Alliance for Defending Freedom. But not anymore because the Southern Poverty Law Firm said it is a hate group. Do you know what that group just did? They won the Supreme Court case 7-2 for the Colorado baker. Why are they trying to stop our message…and why are these things happening to conservatives?”

Fox News

On how the House is tackling the opioid epidemic:

“174 people will die today from addiction; the same thing will happen tomorrow…. This is something that is deadly and is breaking the fiber of our country. We are passing bills dealing with prevention, treatment and then we are going to stop fentanyl from coming into this country and killing people. That stuff has got to stop.”