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House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) joined “On The Record” with Greta Van Susteren to discuss the Iran nuclear agreement and how it affects our country’s national security.

Full transcript of the discussion is below, or watch online here.

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy goes On The Record. Nice to see you sir. The former Vice President says this deal can be catastrophic.

LEADER MCCARTHY: It can be for many different reasons. In 13 years Iran will get a nuclear weapon okay’d by America. You know, in 13 years is not that far away. Fourteen years ago was 9/11. They get to test their ICBMs. ICBMs are intercontinental—that’s not to shoot at Israel, that’s to come after America.

GRETA: Is every member of the House—Republicans and Democrats—does everyone have an opportunity to read the entire bill, number one, has everyone read the entire bill, and does everyone have access to any secret or side deals—that this will be a really informed vote, or is this taking whatever command leadership says?

MCCARTHY: They should have all had the opportunity to read it. And what we’re doing this week is—this is the only bill we’re taking up. So we’re going to have eleven hours debate—three days.

GRETA: Will they all be present in the room? I guess I’m trying to figure out—how can I be confident on such an important thing that everyone’s making an informed decision?

MCCARTHY: Well, first off, you should ask your member because everyone should be informed. I’ll tell you, I just took 36 members to Israel in August. We sat down with every different party—that in power and that out of power. The one uniting force over there is that they’re all opposed to this deal. When I go throughout the Middle East, you will find those quietly behind closed doors who will tell you this is the worst deal possible.

GRETA: So what is Netanyahu going to do? You met with Mr. Netanyahu—what does he intend to do if this gets signed?

MCCARTHY: Well, there’s a couple different options, but the very sad part about it is you’re going to have billions of dollars to Iran—who, during the sanctions didn’t have much money—now they’re getting a bigger bailout than probably Greece. What are they going to do with that money? They’re going to fund terrorists around the world. That’s going to make the world less safe. So Israel’s going to have to protect themselves.

GRETA: Is this a done deal? I mean, when you look at the numbers, the Senate can’t block this—Senator Cantwell has just signed on as well, a Democratic senator just moments ago. Is this a done deal?

MCCARTHY: I don’t believe it’s a done deal for any point of reason. We should have that debate, have the American people listen to it.  Think of this—you had 98 members of the Senate vote for the Corker bill to debate this, to have the review. So they should not hold up the debate of the process. The President is not agreeing to a treaty, because he couldn’t get two-thirds as a constitutional say inside the Senate. He’s not even agreeing to the majority to pass this. He’s trying to hold on to a simple majority of a minority of one party to uphold a veto. That’s a wrong way to make foreign policy in America.

GRETA: Why can’t we see it online before it’s voted on. I mean, what’s the big secret?

MCCARTHY: On which part?

GRETA: I mean, on this deal. You know, this deal that the President has with Iran. I can’t tell if it’s a good deal or a bad deal because I don’t get to read it. I don’t get to read any side deals, so I just sort of sit there and hope for the best.

MCCARTHY: The side deals are the biggest issue that we have. Why should we move forward on this? Why shouldn’t the American public see all this? We’ve had the 60 days, but the side deals you don’t see.