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Since President Biden and House Democrats passed their multi-trillion spending package last year, prices in our country have quickly risen to a 40-year high. That devastates American workers by making their hard-earned paychecks worth less than before.

In response to Democrats’ out-of-control spending, Leader McCarthy (CA-23) created the Task Force on Jobs and the Economy, which is spearheaded by House Financial Services Committee Ranking Member Patrick McHenry (NC-10).

In the video below, Leader McCarthy and Ranking Member McHenry are at the House Republican Conference retreat where they’ve been working with the rest of the House Republicans to find solutions for the problems hurting American families. Their discussion is critical for charting the country’s path ahead.

Highlights of remarks are below, or you may watch online here.

Ranking Member McHenry: “The number one concern I hear at home is about inflation. This is something that every small businessperson and every family is dealing with. You go to the grocery store, and you can see it very clearly. This has been triggered by massive, out-of-control spending by Democrats.”

Leader McCarthy: “We have one-party rule in Washington… and now we have inflation like we haven’t seen in 40 years. I know that rising prices is the number one issue driving people across this country.”

Leader McCarthy: “People want a sound economy, to get inflation under control, and to get these prices going lower instead of going up… How do we get back to an economy of small businesses and energy independence?”

Ranking Member McHenry: “Sound money principles make sense. Fiscal discipline gets great results. We got better solutions to offer the American people than what they’re seeing out of Washington.”

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