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Washington, D.C. – Today on Fox News’ Fox & Friends, Leader McCarthy discussed the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan. “This isn’t about leaving,” Leader McCarthy said. “This is about [the] American legacy and Biden’s lack of leadership.”

“For every Gold Star family, for every soldier that fought [in Afghanistan], I want to say thank you. You did your duty. What is transpiring right now should have never happened.

“[President Biden] is right, the buck stops with him. He made those decisions. He overrode what the intel told him to do…We should get all the information…people should not be kept in the positions that are making these decisions.

“When [President Biden] had our military leave Bagram Air Base at night, without telling anyone, you know there were 5,000 prisoners there, who are now released. And this is the same president that opened up our border. And remember when we went down to the border…we learned then that who is coming across that border? We are catching people on the terrorist watch list. From Yemen. My question to the White House is: are they going to shut this border down now? Who is going to come across that border now?

“Every single action this president has made, has made us weaker and more vulnerable. 

“When we watch what unfolds today, the embarrassment, the emboldenment of our adversaries, what will it do to America years from now? 

“You have American lives at stake sitting right there today, and [President Biden] turns around without answering a question.”