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Washington, D.C. – Today on the House Floor, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) addressed the severity of rising inflation and its effect on Americans buying groceries, filling up their cars, and booking summer travel, saying, “Now let’s be very clear. Inflation is a tax on every American.”

Madame Speaker – one week ago, President Biden said inflation was ‘temporary.’

“He went on to say that spending trillions more would ‘reduce inflation, reduce inflation, reduce inflation.’

“…Mr. President, with all due respect –  you need to wake up. 

“Inflation has risen every single month since you took office. And last month was the largest increase in 13 years.

 “Now let’s be very clear. Inflation is a tax on every single American.

“Everyone who is buying groceries knows it.

“Everyone who is filling up their car knows it.

“Everyone who is booking a summer flight knows it.

“And yet President Biden told a town hall in Ohio last week, ‘I don’t know anybody…who’s worried about inflation.’

“…Why doesn’t the President of the United States know what’s going on?

“This is what Americans hate about Washington. They turn on their TV and hear the President telling them their concerns aren’t real. 

“Enough is enough. People are fed up with the ignorance, and arrogance, and the hypocrisy.

“Madame Speaker — President Biden needs to get a clue about inflation.” 

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