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As one of the top producers of oil and gas in the United States, Midland, Texas is a community filled with families and hard working Americans who have prided themselves on earning their livelihoods through good-paying jobs in the energy sector. And like many Americans this year, they have had to face economic uncertainty brought on by the pandemic.

During 2020 alone, Texas lost nearly 60,000 oil and gas-related jobs due to the pandemic. “I come from a part of California that produces the most amount of oil in the state. I know firsthand the detriment [the actions] of this new Administration [will have],” Leader McCarthy explained at an energy event today in Midland.

At a time when Americans are looking forward to recovering from one of the worst financial years of their lifetime, we should be looking to lift them up, not create further financial distress.

But the Biden Administration’s recent job-killing executive actions have already caused more harm to these workers. As a result of the recent executive actions, “Texas could lose 120,000 jobs through 2022.” Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush said the Administration’s immediate moves against the oil and gas industry produced a “chilling effect” for the state.

In the last few weeks, President Biden’s job-killing executive orders have canceled pipelines and stopped new drilling on federal lands — which currently produce 13 percent of our natural gas and 22 percent of our oil.

No one would have thought that with one stroke of a pen you could end a million jobs.” Leader McCarthy continued, “The worst part about that is it is making our adversaries stronger and making us weaker… We know [that] when America is stronger the world is safer, when America is energy independent we are environmentally safer.

The Biden Administration wants to lead like California — a misguided effort that will leave millions more without a job. But, as Leader McCarthy said today, “President Biden never spoke to any of them, he just did it by the stroke of a pen.”

Republicans will not sit back and allow the Administration to leave more hardworking Americans behind. Our actions will be focused on getting people back to work, our kids back in school, and a vaccine to every American who wants one. 

The choice is clear, we must continue to push back against these dangerous policies and instead promote common sense legislation that saves jobs, produces cleaner American energy, and increases our energy independence.