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Washington D.C. – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following statement on the budget deal:

“The Trump Administration and Congressional Republicans have undertaken an extraordinary rebuilding of America’s military. Our country and the men and women who protect it are as strong as they have ever been – we are more ready, more technically advanced, and better equipped. A retreat from this commitment would be disastrous and I am pleased this deal ensures American strength for years to come. Given that sequestration cut defense spending more than non-defense, we are pleased that the agreement provides $20 billion more for defense than non-defense over two years.

“Furthermore, as Democrats continue to try to impose their radical policies on issues of life, border security, and presidential harassment, this deal locks out Democrat poison pills to must-pass funding bills. In particular, this deal maintains the Hyde Amendment and continues to grant the President the authority to keep our border and country safe.

“Unfortunately, the Democrats refused to even discuss meaningful budget offsets and more importantly, any long-term reforms to the driving spending forces adding to our debt. It is our responsibility to come together and put America’s fiscal future on more sound footing.

“While this deal is not perfect, compromise is necessary in divided government. Speaker Pelosi should put this on the floor so the President can sign it into law. As we look ahead, I also hope this bipartisan cooperation will extend to other important priorities for the American people, such as passing the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.”