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Good Morning, and welcome to the Leader’s Daily Guidance, notes to help you prepare for the day when we are in session. If you see anything that should be on our radar, let us know.

House Republicans MTR on H.R. 1: No Federal Funds for Campaigns

Today, House Administration Committee Ranking Member Rodney Davis will offer a motion to recommit which would amend H.R. 1, which should be known as the “For The Politicians” Act, by removing provisions that would otherwise provide federal funding for political campaigns.

H.R. 1 would publicly fund political campaigns with federal fines on corporations. The bill creates a six-to-one funding match to any small donor contributions of $200 or less in a congressional or presidential campaign – meaning for every $200, the federal government will match $1,200.

The Truth Behind Democrats’ Election Bill, H.R. 1

In The News

The $1.9 Trillion Pelosi Payoff

Leader McCarthy issued a challenge to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer: remove Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Silicon Valley subway out of your $1.9 trillion bill. Do what House Democrats rejected three times: redirect that $140 million to kids’ mental health services.

And now, Pelosi’s train is out after the Senate parliamentarian determined the project is at odds with Senate rules.

Less than 9% of Democrats’ massive coronavirus “relief” is used to defeat the virus — so it’s no wonder the only bipartisan vote was against this Pelosi Payoff bill. Senator Susan Collins is questioning whether the Biden White House is interested in compromise.

Across The Administration

Biden’s Brewing Border Crisis

About 13,000 unaccompanied migrant children are expected by May, 117,000 children by the end of the year, and there is a need for 20,000 beds to accommodate this massive influx of children at the border. Despite this reality, the Biden administration is outright denying that there is a crisis on the border.

When one reporter said that 117,000 children sounded like a crisis, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki pushed back and called it “a challenge.”

President Biden denied there was a crisis at the border and said he can “handle it.”

On The Horizon

If you’ve noticed, gas prices have been rising around the country, and the last two weeks saw the national average gallon price increase by 18 cents.

Reports are summer prices will hit highs we haven’t seen in years. Some of it can be contributed to a basic increase in demand — that’s clear. But like the oil market is receptive to changes in demand, it also accepts signals from governments, current events, and other markets.

President Biden’s leasing ban and the Keystone XL pipeline cancellation are sure signals to the oil market that further discourage production — which was already down because of the pandemic. These and other expected regulatory actions on behalf of this administration can and will lead to more rising prices that will hit all of our constituents’ pockets — particularly those who can least afford it.