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Washington, D.C. — House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) announced the creation of his new channel on, which will also be used as his preferred video platform:


“Big Tech’s de-platforming and censoring of conservatives and ideas that challenge conventional thought is out of control. Republicans have put forward a plan to Stop the Bias and Rein in Big Tech. It’s also past time for conservatives to do what we can today and vote with our feet to break free from Big Tech’s censorship.

“That’s why I’m joining Rumble, where restoring the internet to its roots of freedom of expression and creativity actually matters. In an era where countless Americans are silenced for not following the narrative of Big Tech, the media, or the left, the need for a free and open internet has never been greater.

In Congress, my House Republican colleagues and I are fighting back against censorship, and fighting for every American’s ability to share constitutionally protected speech with their fellow citizens.”

For more, follow Leader McCarthy on Rumble.

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