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“Our top priority as a government and a country is to fight this disease and prevent its spread throughout the U.S.

“Last night President Trump announced decisive and necessary action to do just that. These measures are in addition to the work this President and our government have and continue to undertake to keep our citizens safe.

“And just last week, this Congress came together and approved a $8 billion supplemental package to fight this disease. It focused on 3 major things: the testing, the treatment, and telehealth.

“Along with the public health challenge, we are preparing to mitigate economic challenges to workers and families. The President said last night we are committed to helping those who will face economic hardship as a result of work disruption or illness. The country is looking to its government to come together and meet these challenges with one voice. 

“But the bill that we saw that just came forth last night at 11:00 p.m. comes up short. Here’s just one glaring problem: Under Pelosi’s bill, the Social Security Administration would be set up to administer the paid sick leave program. Not only would this take six months to start distributing checks, it would strain their ability to administer social security benefits. This will hurt the very population who is most at risk of this disease…

“Instead, [Republicans] are committed to getting this right… Here are some ways we can do that: the Employee Retention Credit; making public health emergencies eligible for major disaster programs; and finally, we need to address the mask and supply shortages.

“One thing I want to say to all of America, we have overcome bigger challenges in this country. Every time we have a disaster it shows the very best of this country working together and coming together, and [it makes] us stronger in the end.

“I’ll make this commitment to everyone: Republicans will not play politics, we’re not going to criticize and sit back, we’re going to work to make this right.

“Remember, we have overcome so much in this country… and we will do the same with this. This is not a time to panic, we are taking the precautions ahead of time…and whatever we see ahead we will overcome and we will solve it.”