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While President Biden is enjoying his long weekend (beginning on a Wednesday) at the beach, the border is open and the crisis he created is getting worse.

President Biden has ignored the crisis entirely – but local communities are unable to ignore the crisis and simply go to the beach to avoid its negative impacts.



The Biden border crisis puts our communities and America’s children in danger.

o     Migrant smugglers transporting people who have just made it across the Texas-Mexico border are increasingly leading Border Patrol on pursuits through nearby school zones as a way of getting law enforcement officers to stop their chase.

o   Smugglers in the United States who move both people and drugs on the northern shore of the Rio Grande River are increasingly failing to yield when Border Patrol agents attempt to pull them over, a senior Border Patrol agent based in the Rio Grande Valley told reporters and members of Congress during a tour Tuesday evening.

o    “They’re not wanting to stop,” the official said. “If they approach a school zone, we terminate our pursuit. … We’re just not going to put the public at risk, so they do it on purpose. Now they’re exploiting, you know, now they do it during school time. They do it at 7 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. when it’s school drop-off time. They do it at 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. when it’s pick-up time.”

o    “Life, it’s not precious to them, right? And they know it’s precious to us,” said the agent, who, before joining the Border Patrol in 2004, was a middle school science teacher.

o    “Back in 2019, Mayor McLaughlin said they’d have about 2-3 car chases a week, then none for a few weeks. Now, it’s everyday — roughly 10-12 high speed car chases per week. There was a head-on collision just last weekend.”


Biden’s border policies incentivize dangerous, deadly human smuggling operations.


President Biden’s border policies have led to a surge of deadly fentanyl into the U.S.


Migrants aren’t being tested for COVID




President Biden’s Catch and Release policy has overwhelmed border towns.

The surge of illegal migrants across the border presents a danger to local citizens and anything but humane.

o    “The crisis threatens personal safety, causes serious financial hardship and disruption, and overwhelms local resources – according to the state’s largest general farm and ranch organization. Farmers and ranchers in Texas, as well as possibly those in Arizona, New Mexico and California, will use the webpage to tell their story. The webpage will be updated as more personal accounts arrive.”

o    “Since President Joe Biden took office and halted construction of the border wall, the number of illegal immigrants crossing into New Mexican border ranchers’ land to gain entry into the U.S. has skyrocketed, causing some ranchers to live in fear. Ranchers along the border are reporting groups of up to 20 illegal immigrants crossing over onto their lands, armed with automatic weapons and drugs, according to New Mexico Cattle Growers’ Association President Randell Major.”