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Washington, D.C. – This morning, Pastor Roger L. Spradlin of Valley Baptist Church in Bakersfield led the House chamber in the opening prayer. Pastor Spradlin has been at Valley Baptist since 1983, holds a Doctorate of Ministry, and has served as Chairman of the Board of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention. He has also served twice as the President of the California Southern Baptist Convention.

Following Pastor Spradlin’s prayer, Congressman McCarthy delivered remarks on the House floor on Pastor Spradlin and his work in the church, the community, and his life.

Watch Pastor Spradlin’s prayer here.


“Father, we thank You for Your sovereignty and providence in each person’s life who sits before me, and more importantly, before You.  Grant them today Your guidance in their deliberations.

“We acknowledge that our country is facing serious challenges, and that our world is in crisis.  Give this body the courage that is necessary to lead.  Rather than allowing our ideology to further divide us may you, Father, unite us in our shared love for this great nation.

“Give the members the wisdom to help the oppressed and the weakest among us, as well as the courage to lead by conviction rather than by mere pragmatism.

“Concerning our failures, rather than justice we ask for your mercy and grace.  Give us the will to acknowledge and to repent of all wrongs. We thank You for the values upon which our country was founded and for Your continued blessing.  We ask that our best days would not be behind us but before us.

“We ask all in the strong name of Jesus.


Watch Congressman McCarthy’s remarks here.


“Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I am both honored and humbled to welcome my good friend, Pastor Roger Spradlin, as our guest Chaplain this morning.

“Holding a Doctorate of Ministry, and serving as a major leader within the Southern Baptist community, Roger has served the Valley Baptist Church in Bakersfield, California since 1983.  In that time,  he has led a congregation that has grown into a family of over 8,000 followers – a family that my wife, Judy, my son Connor, and Meghan belong to.

“I have watched Pastor Roger do many things for our community. I’ve watched him use his grace, his humility, his ability to bring people together. But the part that inspires me the most is, I’ve watched him in time of need, in time of tragedy. Situations in our community to help us heal. I’ve watched him officiate and bring joy to a husband and wife being married. I’ve watched him lift up those in harm’s way. But most importantly, I’ve watched him always bring the grace to inspire others.

“So it’s with a great deal of joy on a special day today that I’m able to have my friend, an individual that helped changed my life be a part of all our lives. I yield back.”