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For months, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has said it again and againthe President needs to lay out a strategy to defeat ISIL. A full 63 percent of Americans disapprove of the way President Obama is handling ISIL, and that’s because the President doesn’t have a strategy to defeat the murderous terrorist group.

The President admitted as much at a news conference in August. At a news conference in Germany today, the President reiterated his lack of a plan by telling reporters that “we don’t yet have a complete strategy” against ISIL.

Since America began airstrikes in August 2014 to today, the President has had nearly 10 months to devise a robust strategy that will defeat and destroy ISIL. Meanwhile, Americans have been beheaded, major Iraqi cities have fallen, and ISIL controls half of Syrian territory. So when does the President plan to devise a complete strategy?

We aren’t winning the fight against ISIL because we don’t have a winning plan. The President can’t delay anymore—especially as ISIL continues to make major gains. We need a robust strategy that protects American interests in the region, bolsters regional stability, and doesn’t tie the hands of our military commanders who have been tasked with leading the fight. We need that strategy now.