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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke today on Fox & Friends about his discussions with the President at Camp David this weekend and what our government should focus on in the coming year.

Excerpts are below, or watch online here.

On the immediate success of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act:
“We start right where we left off, you know, the beginning of the tax reform, the regulatory reform, the VA reform that we did, that was the start of America’s comeback. Now 2018, you want to complete that job. And you can’t just quickly move past tax reform because for more than a million Americans, more than $900 million has been handed out just in bonuses because of that bill. But what’s even more important that I notice was just the other day Baltimore Gas and Electric, you know how cold it is, well they got $82 million of savings that they’re going to pass onto rate customers that they’re going to lower the rates. So not only are we getting more starting February—check those paychecks that you’re bringing more home—now some of your bills are actually going to be lowered because of the tax bill.”

On what Republicans will focus on in 2018:

“What we want to do is build from [the tax bill]—more economic growth, you’ve got unemployment at a 17-year low. So we are going to have problem with making sure we’re getting enough people into the workforce…. So how can we help with training and others. Infrastructure—we’ve got to make sure that we are rebuilding America as America continues to grow. We look at the opioid epidemic across the country, we’ve got to be able to solve that. Then most importantly, rebuilding our military. It’s been devastated by the cuts that have gone through in the Obama Administration, as you saw. We had a national defense briefing from the CIA, secretary of state, Secretary of Defense General Mattis going through the challenges around the world and making sure that America continues to be safe, and those are the things that we talked about for a day and a half.

On how Republicans are working to fund our military:

“Nancy Pelosi actually whipped her members to vote to shut government down and not fund the military. That’s the real challenge. We want to make sure we get the funding for the military. There should be no politics played when it comes to our women and men in uniform. We want to get that solved. We have until March to solve the problem with DACA. But we’re not waiting until then to make that happen. I will be in a meeting with the President tomorrow, bipartisan, bicameral in the White House. You know, we want to solve DACA, but to solve DACA and make sure you’re not back here in the future, you’ve got to get border security, you’ve got to do something with chain migration. We’ve watched time again just recently in New York with the latest terrorist how they came into America. There’s a place that we could find common ground and solve this problem and I’m hopeful in that meeting tomorrow we can make that happen.