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The New York Times unsuccessfully buried some unfavorable news for Obamacare in an article with the upbeat headline “Insurers Say Most Who Signed Up Under Health Law Have Paid.” Insurance companies report that many of the 8 million sign ups under Obamacare are duplicates because people tried to enroll more than once when faced with problems on the website.

That means we still don’t know exactly how many enrollees have paid their premiums to date, how many were previously insured, how many were forced off their coverage, and now how many of the “enrollees” are actually duplicate applications for the same people?

It’s amazing how little anybody knows about this law all while the Administration claims success. What we do know is that most all expectations have been forgotten or unmet.

Experts said the insurance companies needed 40 percent of enrollees to be young and healthies. The Obama administration misleadingly said they reached 35 percent. That number is actually closer 25 or 28 percent.

The Obama administration claimed 8 million people enrolled. The House Energy and Commerce Committee found that, as of April 15, only 67 percent of those who signed up had paid their premiums and were actually enrolled.

And now, as if there weren’t already enough unknowns and problems, we find out there are “many” duplicate enrollments on the Obamacare exchange, but we still don’t know how many.

Obamacare was sold on promises, but it will be judged on its track record. So far, that track record is dismal, and no inflated number from the Obama Administration can change that.