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This week, Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy announced the appointment of Stefan Marculewicz and Philip Miscimarra to the Independent Mexico Labor Expert Board. The board was established as part of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) that officially went into effect July 1. The twelve-member board is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the implementation of Mexico’s labor reform and compliance with its labor obligations as laid out in the USMCA.

McCarthy released the following statement on the appointments:

 “As our country continues to work to rebuild our economy still recovering from the response to the pandemic, it is reassuring to know that the USMCA officially went into effect earlier this month. The trade agreement is set to create tens of thousands of jobs nationwide, will level the playing field for U.S. consumers and businesses, and will help restore the greatest economy this generation has ever experienced.

 “I commend President Trump for following through on his commitment to the American people of passing this historic trade agreement, and Congressional Republicans for helping to make it a reality. Now we need to ensure it is implemented the way it was intended, which is why I am proud to announce Mr. Stefan Marculewicz and Mr. Philip Miscimarra as my two appointees to serve on the Independent Mexico Labor Expert Board.

“Stefan and Philip are respected expects in their field who have spent their professional careers as advocates for international labor standards and champions of transparent and fair employment laws. I am confident that they will ensure Mexico’s compliance to the standards outlined by the USMCA and contribute to the deal’s overall success.”

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