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“There is a crisis happening in our country. School closures threaten the future of an entire generation of America’s children.

“It is a disaster that is being enabled by Democrat leaders in states and cities across the country.

“Next month, it will be the one-year mark since three million students LAST stepped foot in a classroom. 

“A year without a quality education. A year without being able to socialize with their friends. For many, it has been a year of spiraling into depression.

  • According to the Virginia Pediatrics Association, pediatricians have seen a 90%+ rise in cases involving depression, anxiety, and academic struggles. 
  • Through most of 2020, pediatric emergency admissions for mental problems, like panic and anxiety, was up by 24 percent for young children and 31 percent for adolescents.
  • In my own district, Kern Behavioral Health says since the pandemic started they’ve seen an increase in calls for suicidal students.

“These numbers should strike all of us at our core. It should compel every elected leader to take action and say enough is enough. But Democrats have been conveniently avoiding the issue.

“Republicans will [not] ignore the mental health of our children. 

“So, I’d like to introduce that, today, House Republicans will be introducing a Motion to Recommit that will bolster the resources families can access to help their children cope with the emotional effects of school closures. 

“To do that, our proposal would shift the $100 million, plus the $40 million added overnight – allocated to Nancy Pelosi’s subway to grants that would be used for mental health [services] for children….

“Because the mental health [of children] is more important and should be [addressed] in the bill.

“Today, Democrats will have to go on the record  — do they support this money going to Nancy Pelosi’s subway or will they do the right thing and spend the money on resources for kids who are suffering from school closures because of COVID?

“I imagine the Speaker will agree with our request, considering students in the Bay Area, right in her backyard, are suffering from failing grades and rising depression.

“And let’s set the record straight, today’s Pelosi Payoff Bill still won’t provide assurances to parents and students that their schools will reopen. None of the funding has been tied to openings — something House Republicans have tried to pass on three separate occasions… but Democrats refused to vote for.

“95 percent of the education funding in the bill isn’t even scheduled to be spent for another year, creating more uncertainty for families.

“And fact, only nine percent of the bill will be used to fund public health. Less than nine percent.

“I want to put a chart up here, so you can get a good idea of how little of the Democrats’ bill is actually going to fight the virus.

“Here is what 91 percent of the bill – trillions in taxpayer dollars – is funding:

  • Nancy Pelosi’s subway in Silicon Valley…
  • Blue state bailouts so they can keep their economy shut down…
  • Planned parenthood 
  • Universities with massive endowments…

“This isn’t a relief bill. It takes care of Democrats’ political allies, while it fails to deliver for American families. 

“That is why I will be voting ‘no’ on the Pelosi Payoff Bill. We already know what [the best stimulus plan is] – it is to fully reopen our economy.

“To do that, we need to go back to work, back to school, and back to health.”