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House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy appeared on Fox News @ Night with Shannon Bream to discuss the economy, the Manafort and Cohen cases, and the many successes Republicans have had in the House.

Excerpts of the interview are below, or watch online here.

On the economy:

“This president has done a tremendous job on rebuilding this economy…We have built an economy here that has created 4 million new jobs since the election. We have passed a tax bill that has lowered unemployment, to the lowest points we’ve seen for African Americans, women in so many different aspects. But think of this Shannon, in the last 49 years in the history of America, unemployment has only been below 4% eight months in those 49 years. But three of those eight months were just this year.”

On the Manafort and Cohen cases:

“I know what you’ve watched and seen out there. And not one of the items I saw from Manafort or Cohen had anything to do with Russia collusion, or anything else in that manner…Well first let’s remember what did the Department of Justice say about Cohen yesterday. He is someone that has a pattern of lies and dishonesty for extended period of time. That’s what the Justice Department said about Cohen just yesterday: he lies, he’s dishonest, for an extended period of time. So in my point of view, the whole investigation was about Russia collusion. This has nothing to do with it. So the president, I see nothing wrong in where he’s going right now.”

On Republican success in the House:

“We’ve also passed the most comprehensive ability to stop the opioid epidemic. This Congress is also invested in the military. We reformed the GI Bill. In the history, you only had 15 years to use it, or you lost it, now it’s for a lifetime…We have passed starting to build the wall. Secure our border, what have the Democrats done? Not one of them voted for that tax bill that created 1.5 million new jobs. Not one Democrat has voted on the two times we’ve put before us to have immigration reform and secure the border.”