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Washington, D.C. –  House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) applauded the bipartisan agreement to overhaul and reauthorize the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), stressing that these important reforms will ensure that the intelligence community can keep our country safe without compromising Americans’ civil liberties. McCarthy released the following statement on the agreement:

“In 2016 individuals in the FBI and Justice Department exploited the language of the FISA laws to wrongfully obtain a warrant from the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to surveil Carter Page’s communications and read his private messages. Individuals at the highest levels of our nation’s law enforcement agency violated the law, and in doing so, stripped an American of his rights and liberties.

“After years of investigation into the matter, we finally learned that the intelligence community’s case against Mr. Page proved to be completely unjustified. It was carried out by politically motivated individuals to ultimately spy on then-Candidate Trump’s campaign. 

“House Republicans have long insisted that the system needed reform and today’s bipartisan agreement finally shows Democrats agree, including Chairmen Schiff and Nadler. The proposed FISA language will provide our intelligence community with the tools it needs to keep our country safe while ensuring that the injustices Mr. Page suffered will not be repeated.

“Language establishes a new Compliance Office at the FBI, requires the Attorney General to approve FISA investigations of elected officials or federal candidates, increases the punishment for unauthorized disclosure of FISA applications, authorizes an amicus to be appointed to political activity cases involving American citizens, increases Congressional oversight, and much more. 

“The American public deserves a government that is protecting them, not compromising their civil liberties and constitutional rights. I am proud that House Republicans and Democrats could come together and agree on the necessity of these important reforms.”