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Washington D.C. – House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) made the following statement on House passage of the Farm Bill Conference Report:

“After a long road, today’s passage of the Farm Bill Conference Report is an encouraging achievement of reforms that provides certainty to our farmers and strengthens our safety net. At the same time, we are furthering our goals of a smaller and more effective government that reduces the deficit and helps Americans get out of poverty and back to work. Saving nearly $23 billion in government spending, consolidating duplicative government programs, closing wasteful loopholes, and helping farmers access foreign markets to sell domestically-grown products are critical steps to sustainable agriculture policy.

“Unfortunately, farmers in California are facing a crisis not addressed in this bill.The current drought in California is one of the worst in history and is only exacerbated by state and federal government regulations. It is troubling that after the House introduced provisions to this report that would provide immediate relief to California farmers, Senate Democrats refused to allow it to move forward. Despite this damaging move by Senate Democrats, my colleagues in the House will continue to push legislation that gets senseless regulations out from in between California farmers and much-needed water.

“I want to thank Chairman Lucas and our conferees for their relentless efforts to get this legislation across the finish line and I urge the Senate to approve this conference report as soon as possible.”