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“Today marks the one year anniversary since House Democrats launched the most partisan, weakest impeachment in U.S. history…

“When people look back on the work of the House of Representatives for the 116th Congress, they will see it was led by a majority more concerned with attacking the President, than building up our country.

“Almost two years since Nancy Pelosi took the gavel, and Democrats have done more to dismantle our institutions and delay relief, than they have to help people. And that trend continues. 

“Yesterday, House Democrats, as advised by their leader Speaker Pelosi, blocked relief for America’s small businesses.

“But this was far from the first time:

  • April 15th: The Paycheck Protection Program stopped accepting applications after it ran out of funding. Democrats delayed passing additional funding for nearly two weeks. 
  • August 8th: The program’s authorization expired. House Republicans tried to use the ‘emergency weekend session’ in August to reopen the program… Democrats blocked those efforts. They instead chose to push a Postal Service conspiracy theory, which they have barely mentioned since. So much for the ’emergency.’
  • September 10th: Senate Republicans tried to pass a targeted relief bill that included $250 billion for PPP. Democrats once again blocked it.

“Despite Democrats’ unwillingness to help, House Republicans aren’t going to give up. 

“We made a Commitment to America that we would work on rebuilding the greatest economy this country has seen and that is exactly what we are going to do.

“Last week House Republicans, led by Ranking Member Steve Chabot and Jaime Herrera Beutler, introduced a discharge petition to push for a floor vote on PPP extension…

“I’ve listened to members on the other side [of the aisle] talk about their desire to help, and [the fact] that they have voted once for PPP. The question will be: will they put politics before people? Because right now they’ve been following the Speaker…

“In Pelosi’s hometown of San Francisco, more than 2,000 small businesses have permanently shut their doors. Perhaps Nancy will want to do more to help them, and not just violate local orders so she can get her hair done. 

“Because I know back in my district, in Kern County, PPP has helped save 100,000 jobs

“Small businesses employ [nearly] half of America’s private sector workforce. Helping our small business improves livelihoods and strengthens our economy.

“This is not a Republican or Democrat issue — these are people’s livelihoods. And for too long Speaker Pelosi has been playing games with them. Each and every time we have moved to do a COVID relief package she has either delayed it or stopped it, causing more people to be laid off [and] small businesses to shut down.”